100% Graduation at The Norman Howard School (Again!)

Today is Graduation Day for students of The Norman Howard School and we couldn't be more proud of our students!  Each senior has overcome learning challenges, navigated  barriers and reached this graduation milestone through hard work, persistence, and personalized support offered at Norman Howard. EVERY ONE will cross the stage of the P. Ken Dennis Theater a graduate with plans for attending college or beginning a career. This comes as no surprise because for over 35 years,  100 percent graduation has been "the norm" at Norman Howard. 

When compared with graduation rates of General Education students, The Norman Howard School's  graduation rate is - 

  • Higher than all districts in Monroe County
  • 15 percent higher than the national average
  • Nearly double the 51% graduation rate within Rochester City School District

When compared with graduation rates of Students With Disabilities -

  • Only 67 percent of US students with disabilities received their high school diploma in 2016-17, according to the National Center for Education Statistics
  • Just 37% of students with disabilities graduated from the Rochester City School District in 2016-17

To achieve success, students who learn differently need opportunities to interact with schoolwork differently. Since it's inception in 1980, our school has paved the road to academic success for students with learning challenges by providing expert teachers, unique approaches, enriching experiences, and a sense of belonging. 

"Students who graduate from The Norman Howard School were not successful in previous educational settings.  The Norman Howard experience is special because they benefit from the small, supportive environment, which provides the necessary academic rigor and emotional support in order for them to reach their potential,” Rosemary Hodges, Director Of Education, explains as she congratulates her students.