2022: Made Possible By You

The Education Success Foundation has lots to celebrate...thanks to YOU! 

Even in a pandemic, we are able to provide holistic, child-centered services to thousands of Rochester students and their families because of your support

As we settle into 2022, students are first in all that we do! Our efforts to continuously improve will never stop, and this year we look forward to: 

New Partnerships 

EnCompass is expanding its reach in Rochester by adding Quad A programs to our portfolio. Quad A at EnCompass will continue high-quality afterschool experiences for students and families at RCSD Schools No. 2, 4, 16, & 34.

Ensuring All Teens Are Future Ready

Middle school and post-secondary support are essential for students on college and career paths, which is why EnCompass Future Ready has broadened to reach grades 6-8 and continue past high school graduation.

Community Outreach

Look for The Norman Howard School in your community! Outreach teams are improving parent knowledge of educational rights and services, community wide, and also raising awareness for NHS, Rochester's "gold standard" in special education.

Personalized and Layered Services 

When supports are individualized and layered through a holistic approach, student outcomes improve! Today, 35% of EnCompass students participate in more than 1 service including Afterschool, Summer, & Navigation. This number will grow to 50% during the next 5 years. 

Summer Plans 

We continue to spearhead the Summer Learning Collaborative, providers preventing learning loss and closing opportunity gaps for 800 students. Hands-on, inquiry-based, academically-focused summer programs will take place at RIT, JCC, Nazareth College, Camp Seneca Lake, The Sands Family Campus, & other sites throughout the region.

Possibilities of Tomorrow 

With over $3 million raised of our $4 million goal, Education Success Foundation's impactful Possibilities of Tomorrow Campaign is providing life-changing opportunities for Rochester students - in real time. Every $1 donated is matched with $1.50 by The Sands Family Foundation.