Eliminating Hungry Weekends With Blessings In A Backpack

Academic success requires a holistic solution that addresses life outside of school. This is a key belief that guides our work with vulnerable children in Rochester.

In addition to providing academic programs, we’re committed to tackling other barriers our students’ face through food literacy programs, case management, and family navigation support.

Healthy snacks and dinners in our afterschool programs - paired with free lunch programs at schools – help many of students get through the school week with nutritious meals. But we know many families go without enough food over the weekend, so…

Education Success Foundation is partnering with Blessings in a Backpack to provide 50 students of Discovery Charter School with food every weekend. Discovery is a school where many families are struggling with the realities of poverty. On Fridays, bags are packed by program staff and go home with children whose families might not otherwise have food over the weekend. Constellation Brands, Inc. has generously committed to supporting 25 children at Discovery; 25 more children will be funded by Education Success Foundation’s new All Together Now program.

Every child has unlimited potential, but many in our community cannot soar if we don’t first address their basic needs– like food every weekend so they can show up Monday ready to learn.

Special thanks to Constellation Brands, Inc. for their support for our students.