RCSD Considers Eliminating Busing for 3,500 Rochester Children

The Rochester City School district is considering eliminating transportation to schools outside of district/city lines starting in the 2022-23 school year. The RCSD plans to vote on this transportation policy change in January 2022. If RCSD Board of Education members do NOT reject the transportation task force recommendation to “eliminate bussing for all students enrolled in schools or programs outside of District except Special Education students attending schools/programs, as per IEPs”, Rochester parents and approximately 3,500 students will have fewer accessible quality education choices.

The RCSD has not provided any data on how this policy change saves them money. RCSD gets reimbursed 85-90% for this transportation. After reimbursement, the actual cost to the district is about $206 per student, this would not eliminate the cost to transport affected students, only change where some students would be bused. The benefits RCSD, Rochester, and the 3500 students and their families get far outweigh the minimal cost.

Children who attend private, parochial, and non-public schools (like Hope Hall, Rochester Christian, Bishop Kearney), the Urban- Suburban program, or charter schools (like YWCP, discovery, RACS, Renaissance) will be affected.

What can the community do?

  • Public Comment at RCSD next Board Meeting on December 23 (virtual & in-person)
  • Advocate to RCSD Board of Education, City Council Members, State Assembly Members, and State Senators.
  • Upload a video, "What happens if I lose my bus?" to https://bit.ly/RCSD-busing (Videos will be used for advocacy. By uploading, you consent to use for this purpose).

Reach out to RCSD school board members by email or phone:

Boardofeducation@rcsdk12.org | 585-262-8525 and to the Superintendent at superintendentsoffice@rcsdk12.org | 585-262-8378

  • Van White: van.white@thelegalbrief.com
  • Cynthia Elliott: cynthiaelliott1938@yahoo.com
  • Ricardo Adams: Ricardo.Adams@rcsdk12.org
  • Bill Clark: William.Clark@rcsdk12.org
  • Beatriz LeBron: beatriz.lebron@rcsdk12.org
  • Amy Maloy: Amy.Maloy@rcsdk12.org
  • Willa Powell: Willa.Powell@rcsdk12.org

Emails & phone calls by students, families, and school leaders to State Senators & State Assemblymembers, Rochester City Council members, and Malik Evans: Malik.Evans@cityofrochester.gov

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