We Are Not Standing By...

Have you read the headlines? There is an education crisis in our community and children are the victims. We are not just standing by, we are helping to bring success within reach for 2,400 local students! We hope you will join our efforts.

Our educators help students see their own limitless potential, but barriers to learning are all around them. One out of every two Rochester children battle challenges imposed by poverty, only half graduate from high school, and just 5 percent complete college in 6 years.

By addressing challenges children face inside and outside of the classroom, our innovative and effective EnCompass and Norman Howard School programs ensure children achieve in school, families receive the support they need, and students graduate ready for college or the career of their choice!

For our students, academic and personal success are hard-won. We need your support so more children who are struggling in school can experience the Education Success difference! Every $1 you give today will be matched with $1.50, thanks to our generous matching grant from The Sands Family Supporting Foundation.

Our EnCompass approach provides students with “road maps” to graduation and future success —and places children and their families in the drivers’ seat.

  • Our student, Onnisty, has changed schools, her family has grown and moved, financial struggles are ongoing, and low self-esteem sometimes gets in the way, but ever since 2nd grade, EnCompass academics and wraparound supports have equipped her to overcome these obstacles on her journey. When challenges creep up along the way for vulnerable students, we are there for them.

  • “I like that EnCompass is preparing her for the future,” expresses Onnisty’s Mom, “she is gaining more confidence and learning things that will be helpful.” EnCompass provides academics and career exploration and soon, Onnisty can train for a job with Wegmans, University of Rochester, or one of our other employer partners.

Norman Howard School Success

From withdrawn and overwhelmed to happy and willing to try new things, just a few short weeks at our Norman Howard School program have sparked transformation for Jack!

  • At his prior school, Jack was forced to manage chaotic transitions, 22 students in his classroom, missing class time for support services, and hurtful taunting in the hallways.

  • At The Norman Howard School he learns alongside just 3 to 8 classmates; social skills counseling and specialized reading instruction are built right into his day; and he is branching out! He is performing in the school play and joined ski club. “Jack even suggested we move the whole family to be closer to his school,” his Mom shared.

Education Success Foundation’s work to help the most vulnerable students succeed began 40 years ago with The Norman Howard School and with integral support from caring people like you we can continue our legacy of learning.

You can place academic achievement and future success within reach for a child by making a gift today, and every $1 will be matched with $1.50 for more than double the impact. 

If you have read the headlines— you know students in our community are in dire need of quality education and holistic support to graduate and reach bright futures. Help our students build a pathway to graduation and lifelong success!


Joseph M. Martino

Joseph M. Martino, CEO

P.S. 92¢ of every $1 we receive goes directly to programs for our students—and every $1 is matched with $1.50 By giving today you are truly investing directly in a student’s success.