What's Cookin'? EnCompass Future Ready's Teen Cooking Series

Just short weeks ago, our Community Kitchen on The Sands Family Campus was alive with learning! 

Please enjoy this deliciously fresh episode of "What's Cookin'?", our teen-created cooking series, produced by EnCompass Future Ready. This episode features students preparing Chicken Cacciatore and Mochiko Chicken, and demonstrating new culinary skills (sear, julienne, blanch, chop) with guidance from Wegmans Executive Chefs. The competition's panel of guest judges includes City of Rochester Mayor, Lovely Warren, and Education Success Foundation CEO, Joseph Martino.

What's Cookin'?
Wegmans Executive Chef guides teens in preparing Chicken Cacciatore

EnCompass Future Ready is providing 150 teens from schools across the City of Rochester with college and career development, and job-readiness and placement. Many of our students are exploring careers in culinary arts and food service, but we feel all teens benefit from learning to cook healthy meals! Future Ready is an integral part of the EnCompass' Pre-K through Gradation pathway of academic, wraparound Navigation, and capacity-building services.

While nothing takes the place of learning together in person, connection and support is being delivered in new ways during building closures due to COVID-19! EnCompass has launched online resources, remote learning and virtual experiences that continue to support the needs, development, academic growth, and college and career readiness of our students and families. In fact, our first virtual What's Cookin'? live-stream  will take place with students on May 8th.