Follow Along As We Construct Our Z-Code Zones!

If you haven't checked out our latest article on the grant we received from Generator Z and the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, be sure to read through to see how and why we received funding to build Z-Code Zones at EnCompass Future Ready

Our brilliant Generators dreamed up 5 unique Zones that will help them relax and have fun afterschool. Now that we have the funds, it's time to make our students' dreams a reality! Over the next few months, our students will be designing each space entirely. From actually choosing the spaces they want each Z-Code Zone to be in, to choosing which fluffy rug will go in the Relaxation and Self-Care Zone, our teens will be leading the way to make sure these are spaces that they and their peers will enjoy spending time in. 

We've created this blog post as a way to keep you updated on our progress as we construct the Zones from start to finish. Check back every 2-3 weeks to see what we've been up to! 


Students brainstormed where they wanted specifics spaces to be on campus as well as what they envisioned in each space by writing ideas on sticky notes and placing them on the appropriate Zone's board. 


Students toured all of the Z-Code Zone spaces and envisioned room specifics. They were asked what they liked or didn't like about the room, what colors they wanted to see on the walls, and to get creative. They split up into smaller groups and made shopping lists and budgets for each Zone. 


A meeting of the minds! Our high school students took a look at our Zones and gave their ideas and perspectives on what they want Zones to look and feel like!  


Our Generators were featured on Rochester First! They spoke about how excited they were to receive the funds and to be able to create usable spaces for everyone in the program. Check it out here


Final colors were chosen all rooms got a nice fresh paint of coat! Check out the Fitness Zone...Laker's Purple was the students' final choice! 


The Fitness Zone also got a HUGE floor upgrade! 


Then finally we had our big ribbon-cutting on our first 3 complete Zones!!! The Fitness, Independence, and Relaxation Zones are all open for business. Students took a tour and got to admire all of their ideas at work! 


Future Ready Students were once again highlight on the news to show off their new Zones! Check it out here!