Delivering Meals & Necessities to Students' Doorsteps

Creativity and commitment lead the way in Education Success Foundation’s COVID-19 response. Meals and urgently needed essentials are being delivered to families who cannot access community-based sites, and support and critical K-12 instruction is being facilitated online and by phone daily.  

Special thanks to:

  1. The Spallina Family for providing 2 days of meals to 22 families (pictured above)
  2. The Brunner Family for matching funds raised to support delivery of necessities to students' doorsteps. 

Education Success Foundation’s bus driver and transportation manager, Bruce Pollock, who used to transport high school students to afterschool programming, is now delivering 300 meals per day to students’ doorsteps alongside EnCompass staff. 

In close collaboration with Foodlink and other partners, our programs went from providing food and nutrition classes onsite at our Sands Family Campus on Lake Avenue, to crisis response meal delivery within days. 

“When we first assessed, just 16 families needed access to daily meals, that number has grown to more than 30 families – 300 meals per day. It is to the point we need a second driver,” states Cara Fitzgerald, Director of EnCompass.

We will deliver your support to students and families! You can assure critical learning and support continue for those most in need by making a gift to the fundraiser below: