Education Success Update - November

Leading The Way @ Education Success Foundation

Recognizing and responding to the inequities our students face, we are proud to be participating in the United Way 21-Day Equity Challenge alongside community partners.

Spreading holiday cheer in partnership with local companies and friends, we have committed to provide 100 teens we serve with a holiday gift this season. Sign up to be matched with a teen today!

Adapting To A New Environment @ EnCompass

Our Navigation work intensifies- 50% of the families we serve are facing eviction (20,000 families community-wide), hunger & food insecurity are spiking, and joblessness increases.

At the request of Monroe County Department of Human Services, our team is preparing to duplicate our success with our Learning Hub to a target group of teens.

From building learn-from-home spaces with families, to hosting a Women Entrepreneurs Series for teens, to launching Future Ready College Night - in spite of today’s challenges - programs are charting new pathways to success with students.

Hands-On Learning @ The Norman Howard School

Students are building relationships and a sense of belonging through shared experiences- observing Dyslexia Awareness Month, in-the-field learning at Genesee Valley Country Museum, visiting local apple mills and more!

We are sharing early results of our Special Education Placement Initiative, which makes the expertise at The Norman Howard School more accessible, with the our Honor Roll Society members (5+ years of consecutive giving)

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