Education Success Update - January

As we reflect on 2020 and plan the year ahead, something that never changes is our commitment to steadying students & families on the paths they choose.

In 2020...

  • Critical program adaptations were fueled by community financial support. Our ability to provide consistency through monumental challenges helped ensure 100% graduation.

  • Families told us meals, essentials, and in-person support for remote instruction were top priorities. EnCompass delivered 49,419 wraparound supports (a 1050% increase!)

In the Year Ahead...

  • Learning and opportunity gaps continue to widen and deepen due to COVID-19, but children's lives are not on hold. Increased community investment is necessary to meet the evolving needs of Rochester students and families.

  • EnCompass is launching Afterschool Remix (remote, hands-on after school learning) and opening the doors to a new campus Learning Center where children and families can access academic and support resources, a kitchen, and free laundry facilities.

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