Generator Z Chose EnCompass Future Ready for Grant Funding!

At EnCompass Future Ready, we work hard to help teens prepare for the future. When we heard about Generator Z Afterschool, a project of The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation, was looking for teen voices, EnCompass sent out a notice on our special “band app” – and we were so proud to see that 8+ teens from our own program had become Generators!

Based on the ideas from our Generators and many others, we learned that teens want spaces where they can work on themselves and connect with their friends. They might love what we already do, but they want more of a home-away-from-home to explore new ideas and practice something they love. Our very own Generator, Ksayres (Kennedy) came up with the idea for Z-Code; we felt nearly ALL of our other students’ ideas fit into her concept and we need your help to bring Z-Code to life, “it’s not just a place, it is a mindset.” 

This week we learned that our EnCompass proposal for Z-Code Zones was funded at 100%!! Our teens were "heard" and not just by us.  In the year ahead, grant funding will make possible: 

  1. Relaxation and Self-Care Zone: A safe space for relaxation, balance, and personal care. Soaps, lotions, shampoos, hygiene products and personal items for boys, girls, and non-binary friends that are available for free at all times. We will offer classes to younger teens on growing up and taking care of their bodies. It will have warm lighting and comfortable hang out spaces for meditating, listening to music, and relaxing after a hard day at school. 
  2. Media Zone: This zone will offer a sound room for recording, and equipment for creating videos for our students’ businesses, TikToks, and other videos. This space is valuable to our young entrepreneurs who want to market products or build their own digital presence. 
  3. Independence Zone: This space is for teens who are planning for their financial futures! Teens want to learn about buying a car and getting insurance, investing and saving, help with banking and managing money, as well guidance for teens who have or want to start a business, this Zone will offer classes and mentorship from Rochester business-owners and leaders. Our teens say most important, by far, for their success is getting drivers licenses– many families don’t have cars at home to learn on or the finances for driving classes. This zone would provide FREE drivers education and help with getting a driver’s permit, license and insurance.
  4. Fitness Zone: This zone will have sports equipment for playing games inside and outdoors. It also comes with a membership to the Maplewood YMCA, which is across the street from the program. Kids can work out, get healthy, receive fitness coaching, and have fun together. 
  5. Games and Creativity Zone: This space offers a music recording studio and gaming space. We will partner with the Rochester Public Library Central Library Teen Zone to make sure we have the best equipment and games.

Each Zone builds on mindsets and skills necessary for future success. You can read our teens' proposal here

What is EnCompass Future Ready

Future Ready started 3 years ago because, before, our Afterschool programs ended at grade 6 and that is exactly when teens want help getting ready for the future. We set out to listen to teens, offer new options, and to create Rochester, NY’s best afterschool program to help teens prepare for futures they choose. Our afterschool program operates minimally, 3 days/week for 2.5 hours per day. We’re also open during school breaks and the summer months and provide transportation to/from school and home as well as TONS of trips and activities in the community and out of town. We live right down the street from Lake Ontario and on the shore of the Genesee River and lots of our students had never been to the beach, gone fishing, or ridden on a boat. Our program is located on a downtown campus in a building that used to be a convent. Our current Future Ready program includes these components: • Tutoring: We hire teachers to help teens get through their toughest classes, get ready for the SATs, and improve their writing. It’s more than homework help—this is the real academic support teens tell us they need to succeed at school. • FREE Academy: When teens are old enough to get their work permits (age 15-16), Future Ready offers a 30-hour training (Future Ready Employment Education Academy) on how to get a job and how to be a solid employee. We have high quality jobs ready and waiting for teens when they finish the training. Teens can choose from jobs at Wegmans, food service, marketing, medicine / healthcare, and hotel services. We also offer bus and van transportation that teens can get to work and back home. • College Prep: Most teens need to learn about what happens after high school.

Future Ready is enrolling students grades 7-12: https://bit.ly/futureready-app