Give Experiences to Rochester Students

Your favorite grade school memory… was it solving an equation or practicing comma rules, or was it rooted in a meaningful experience? Education Success Foundation has a 43-year legacy of opening doors to the critical experiences children need to learn and grow. For students like ours, who face barriers or learn differently, classroom instruction is simply not enough.

  • Elementary students need EnCompass Reading Intervention to eliminate learning gaps caused by COVID-19 school closures, and hands-on STEM projects in Afterschool Learning to fuel their curiosity!

  • Future careers are inspired by guest speakers, college tours, internships, and job-placements as part of EnCompass Future Ready.

  • Children and families are strengthened and supported in achieving their goals through EnCompass Family Navigation's 1:1 coaching, family connection activities, and basic needs resources.

  • Students with learning needs connect concepts through real-world applications thanks to experiential learning and outdoor education at The Norman Howard School.

The 2,400 Rochester children we serve every year have limitless potential, but challenges outside of school, including housing instability, food insecurity, trauma, neighborhood violence, and mental health concerns, hold them back. Dedicated educators, Navigators, and leaders bring our personalized approach to life and work alongside students and families to tackle every barrier.

From their schools, students need teachers, lessons, and laptops, but from their community, they need opportunities to discover academic, career, and lifelong success. Without whole-family services, enriching experiences, and career exposures to unlock the world of possibilities, our students will miss out on all they can become!

Select how you support education in the school year ahead - as an Advocate, Friend, Champion, or S.O.S Supporter. Every $1 you donate is matched with $1.50 by The Sands Family Foundation so even more local students benefit!

Together, we can uplift families and overcome learning challenges so that all children can chart pathways to futures they choose. We invite you to come to visit our EnCompass and Norman Howard School programs to see the amazing impact of your investment.

Donate today to give life-changing experiences to students from over 57 Rochester schools: educationsuccessfoundation.org/donate