What's The Buzz?

Education Success Foundation's collaborative proposal, Youth Workforce Consortium aka “The Hive,” with EnCompass as lead, partnering with Black Men Achieve, Boys and Girls Clubs of Rochester, The Center for Teen Empowerment, and The Hub 585 has been selected for funding. County Executive Bello announced recipients of Monroe County American Rescue Plan Act Grants yesterday and The Hive will be awarded a four-year total grant of $5,869,117. (list of projects)

Over the next 4 years, The Hive consortium will equip 15,000 teens for entry into mid and high-wage careers through an innovative, youth & family-centered, “no walls, no wrong doors, shared goals” hive model, co-locating providers and resources - virtually and physically, and providing academic supports, workforce development services, job training, and job placements. The Hive will also offer accessible Behavioral Health services for youth within the partner programs.

The 40 projects selected, just 4% of proposals the County received, will receive a total of $98 million in contracts supporting Bring Monroe Back Goals for Workforce Development, Public Health, and Infrastructure. Pending approval by the County Legislature, Monroe County will enter into one-year contracts with the selected vendors, with the option to renew for three additional yearlong terms.

The Hive is Alive! 

Since its launch in March 2023, The Hive has been unwavering in its commitment to empowering youth through workforce development, high-demand career pathways, and meaningful employment. By engaging 15,000 students, building 10 career pathways, and employing 1,000 teens over the next four years, The Hive is shaping a transformative landscape for the youth, equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities needed to thrive in the workforce. The Hive Fair was just the beginning, igniting a wave of enthusiasm and hope, and marking the start of a remarkable journey towards a brighter future for all. Together, let's support and celebrate the incredible endeavors of The Hive and inspire a generation of empowered youth.

Engaging 15,000 Students: At the heart of The Hive's mission is the goal to engage and empower 15,000 students. By providing them with access to comprehensive workforce development programs, The Hive aims to bridge the gap between education and the skills required in the modern job market. Through tailored learning experiences, mentorship, and hands-on training, students are set on a path to acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary for their chosen careers.

Building 10 High-Demand Career Pathways: To address the demands of a rapidly evolving job market, The Hive is diligently building out 10 high-demand career pathways. These pathways serve as a roadmap for students, guiding them toward industries and professions where opportunities abound. By aligning their interests and strengths with these pathways, students can explore and develop expertise in fields such as technology, healthcare, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and more.

Employing 1,000 Teens: One of The Hive's primary objectives is to provide meaningful employment opportunities for 1,000 teens. By forging partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and community leaders, The Hive creates a network of employers who are committed to investing in the youth. These employment opportunities not only offer valuable real-world experience but also enable teens to build confidence, develop crucial workplace skills, and lay a solid foundation for future success.

The Hive Fair: A Kickoff of Opportunities

The Hive Fair served as a dynamic platform where the energy of hundreds of community partners and students merged. This lively event showcased the diverse array of opportunities that The Hive presents to the youth. It featured interactive exhibits, workshops, and engaging conversations, allowing attendees to explore and discover the vast range of career pathways, mentorship programs, and employment prospects available through The Hive. The fair sparked enthusiasm and excitement, empowering both students and community partners to champion The Hive's vision of a brighter future for the youth.

Media Coverage: WXXI Article 13 WHAM

Igniting Passion for STEM: The Hive's Inaugural Career Camp

20 high school students are preparing for The Hive's first-ever Career Camp! This new concept in career exploration pairs colleges and employers to provide immersive workforce development experiences. In July, TOPTICA Photonics, FLCC, and MCC Optics will join forces for a 4-day, hands-on STEM adventure to introduce teens to the in-demand fields of Photonics, Optics, and Lasers.