Navigation - Year One Progress

With Navigation, our groundbreaking holistic strategy, we reached 100 vulnerable students and family members with personalized, wraparound supports in our first year. Year two means taking what we've learned and applying it to not only to working with young children and families, but also to college and career-bound teens. Please download our Year One Update. 

EnCompass Navigation

EnCompass Navigation layers supports which connect students to their peers, families, schools, and community. We are applying learnings to working with middle and high school students to prepare them for success in college and careers.

Year One Progress

EnCompass Navigation is helping families achieve self-sufficiency, sustained success, and become resources for other families.

Navigation is building support systems and networks by identifying and aligning community partners to more effectively serve vulnerable children and families.

  • Provided high quality academic intervention and programs for 2,400 students
    Invested in more than 100 students and families with wraparound supports with the goal of working together for academic success
  • Navigators provided daily direct support to students and families including family meetings, coaching, transportation, school meetings, advocacy, and service coordination
  • Capacity-building parent trainings were developed and delivered including financial literacy, parenting, job training, and school advocacy
  • Developed holistic, college and career-readiness curriculum for teens grades 7-12 to become FutureReady
  • Enhanced experiential learning opportunities for students of The Norman Howard School
  • Satisfied urgent needs of families to enable their students to focus on learning
  • Addressed food insecurity by increasing nutrition literacy through our Edible Education Food Literacy Program:
    • Constructed Teaching Gardens on campuses
    • Hosted Family Dinners - 165 participants
    • Delivered Student and Family Nutrition Classes - 800 participants
    • Provided weekly Food Backpacks and Emergency Food Baskets - 260 students, 1500 backpacks
    • Organized Foodlink’s Curbside Market at our campuses - 151 served

Year Two Plans

  • Serve 2,500 students in our academic programs in 2018-19
  • Serve up to 500 students + 200 family members in Navigation
  • Increase staff from 2 to 10 Navigators
  • Continue expansion of: Academic Supports, Parent and Professional Capacity Building, Edible Education Food Literacy
  • Initiatives, College & Career-Readiness Programming
  • Expand scholarships to increase enrollment of students at The Norman Howard School