Family Navigation, Our Groundbreaking Holistic Approach

Parents lead the way in Family Navigation, a free, "whole-family" program to help children succeed in school. Caring EnCompass Navigators with diverse experiences and backgrounds equip families to overcome challenges inside and outside the classroom. Navigation offers: 


  • Communication with school & other agencies
  • Housing, insurance & job search support
  • Advice for dealing with sibling rivalry, discipline challenges & teaching responsibility at home
  • Organization & budgeting strategies


  • Sharing practical resources to assist in navigating life's challenges
  • Coaching on school advocacy & decision-making
  • Affirming each family's strengths & helping parents discover what works best for them


  • Special events with other families
  • Family cooking programs
  • Parent groups and activities
  • Connection support for school activities & community services

Download information about Family Navigation  in ENG/SPAN