When You Want To Help, Where Do You Begin?

When you hope to help vulnerable children overcome the odds and achieve academic success, where do you begin? 

We are often asked this poignant question by caring people like you who want to make a difference for students in our community. Every year we support and connect more than 2,400 students with the personalized, year-round academic, health, and social services supports they need to succeed in school – and life.

I’m inviting you to “begin here” today by helping students get the support they need to learn, graduate and embark on successful futures.

Education Success Foundation | Help Students Succeed

How can your support help?

Last year Jodie missed several weeks of school because of anxiety, family health concerns, and unstable housing. She required more support than her school alone could provide. This school year is a promising new chapter for Jodie because her EnCompass Family Navigator assures she is in class daily, works with her family to maintain stable housing, and helped her mom, who is battling cancer, put a guardianship plan in place. Jodie is receiving academic support, taking dance classes, and learning to cook healthy meals in our after school program, but she still needs your help to stay on track academically. Your gift can support her after school opportunities, weekly backpacks home containing healthy foods, and personalized resources from her Family Navigator.

Will you begin with JayJay? 

She is on track to become the first in her family to graduate high school! Every morning she says to herself, “Keep moving forward,” a mantra that has sustained her through homelessness, learning disabilities, and the painful loss of her best friend. Intensive support she’s now receiving from our EnCompass teachers and Family Navigators means “moving forward” isn’t quite as uphill these days. We’re helping her access and balance all that being a successful student requires, from extra academic support and exam preparation, to building healthy relationships and plotting a career path so she can live on her own. Your gift today can help JayJay prepare for graduation, attend career-training classes, and even provide urgently needed items like an alarm clock and bus passes for her to get to school.

I hope you see that by “beginning here” and giving a gift to Education Success Foundation, you can make an immediate impact and help one of over 2,400 vulnerable students we support through EnCompass: Resources for Learning, The Norman Howard School, and collaborative programs throughout our community. Your gift makes possible year-round educational activities, as well as surround supports for challenges students face outside of the classroom.

Thank you for joining us to clear paths to academic success for our community’s most vulnerable children. Donate Now